Thursday, May 26, 2011

Question #43

Jn 1:3 says in reference to Christ, "All things came into existence through him, and apart from him not even one thing came into existence". How could Christ have been a created being if ALL things came into existence through him? If Jesus was a created being, then according to Jn 1:3, Jesus would have had to create himself.

This question really underscores the stupidity behind pretending one verse or one passage of Scripture establishes the truth. In reality, the Bible is a unified, harmonious book. This question really springs from a deep-seated hatred of the truth. 

The truth is, the Scriptures reveal Jesus to be the only-begotten son of God. What does that mean? The Bible reveals that Jesus is the Firstborn son of Jehovah God. And as the first creation of God, who was made to be Jehovah's exact representation, and after God gave birth to his first son he then empowered him to create all other things. So, the creature that eventually came to earth as Jesus was the only person directly created by the Father. Everything else came into existence through the Firstborn. 

No doubt the questioner understands this is what the Bible teaches but, as so many, he (or she) prefers lies to truth and wishes to mislead others. 

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