Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Question #14

Since the WTS currently rejects most of the teachings of its founder, Charles Taze Russell (who was president of the organization from 1879-1916), and since they also reject "judge" Joseph Franklin Rutherford, who succeeded Russell as president from 1916-1942, how can you be sure that in 25 more years, the WTS won't reject the current president, Milton Henschel (1992-present), as they did Russell and Rutherford? What kind of confidence can you have in an organization that rejected its founder and first two presidents for the first 63 years of its existence - over 50% of the time they have existed?!

Jehovah's Witnesses have not rejected "most of the teachings of its Founder";quite the contrary. The basic doctrinal teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses are for the most part unchanged since 1879. 

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