Thursday, June 23, 2011

Question #20

If Christ will not have a visible return to earth, then how will he be seen by "ALL the tribes of the earth" (Mt 24:30), and by "EVERY eye" (Rev 1:7) when he returns? How can Christ "APPEAR" a second time (Heb 9:28) if he will not have a visible return to earth?

Right before Jesus ascended back to heaven he told his disciples that the world would behold him no longer. But then Jesus assured his disciples that they would see him. How is that to be harmonized with the verses cited as proof texts that the nations will see Jesus?

First, it must be recognized that Jesus is now in God’s form, meaning no human may see him full-on and survive the encounter. Paul is the only human to have had a glimpse of Christ after he ascended and Paul was blinded for three days from the event. Paul later said that his seeing Christ was as if he had been born premature - meaning that all of Christ’s chosen ones will eventually see the glorified Christ when he returns. We may be certain that seeing Christ is a privilege reserved for the chosen ones.

How, then, are we to understand the verses that say every eye will see him? Again, since Jesus said the world would no longer behold him it must not be in a literal sense that “every eye” will see him. The way it ought to be understood is that every person on earth will be forced to realize that they are fighting against Christ. That is important since the majority of people presently living on earth do not accept Christ as having any authority over them. So, during the great tribulation Muslims, atheists, Catholics and Protestants, and everyone on earth, will know that Christ has come to sanctify the name of Jehovah. 

The Revelation of Christ and the Two Witnesses 

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