Friday, June 17, 2011

Question #24

Jn 1:3 says that Jesus created "all things", but in Isa 44:24, God says that he "by myself created the heavens and the earth" and asks the question "Who was with me?" when the heavens and the earth were created. How can this be since if Jesus had been created by God, then he would have been with God when everything else was created?

First, it is necessary to correct the questioner. Point out to them that John 1:3 does not say that the Word was the creator, as is implied by the question. John 1:3 and other passages make plain that creation came about through the Word, or by means of him. The wording of those passages indicate that the Word was an agent of the Creator, but not the Creator himself. 

Next Jehovah’s Witnesses ought to direct the questioner to the first  chapter of  Genesis, where God spoke to someone in the invisible realm, saying: “Let us make man in our image.”

Obviously someone was with God. So, having established that fact try to reason with the person and explain to them that Jehovah was speaking to his only-begotten son, also known as the Word. John explained that the Word was with God in the beginning because he is the firstborn of all creation and that all things came into existence through him.

Then try to reason with the person on the context of Isaiah, how Jehovah was revealing that there were no gods that he recognized. That is because there were numerous gods back then that were competing for Jehovah’s worship. 

However, even though Jesus is rightly called a god, he is not a god that came into existence apart from being a direct creation of Jehovah God. As the exact representation of God the Word is rightly called a god, just not in the same sense as the demonic gods of the nations. 

So, Isaiah is not in conflict with what is revealed as regards the Word, it is simply a matter of trinity believers failing to understand the Scriptures. 

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